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reply bearophile <bearophileHUGS lycos.com> writes:
Few notes about DMD v.2.049beta.

The Changelog of 2.049beta says:
Bugzilla 4603: array(iota(1, 0)) error.
But it's not closed, here time ago I have explained why:

This is the recent "Phobos has way too many modules" post by L. T. Kyllingstad:
On this topic I have an enhancement request:

Now both std.array.array and std.algorithm.reduce work with iterables that
contain only an opApply.
map & filter are two of the most useful higher order function-like things. So
it's good to be able to use them in most situations. So std.algorithm.map and
std.algorithm.filter too may accept opApply-based iterables (if you want to do
this, then they probably need to offer only opApply iteration themselves, with
conditional compilation).

While testing 2.049beta I have added two bug reports about BigInt and
dotProduct, probably present in 2.048 too:

Sep 15 2010
parent Don <nospam nospam.com> writes:
bearophile wrote:
 Few notes about DMD v.2.049beta.
[snip] Please don't post these comments on the main newsgroup. There is a dmd-beta mailing list for exactly this purpose.
Sep 16 2010