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c++.wxwindows - [Fwd: wxLogTrace Bug Re: [wx-dev] Digital Mars compilation]

This is with 8.37

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Subject: Re: [wx-dev] Digital Mars compilation
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 15:08:08 +0100
From: Dimitri <dimitri shortcut.nl>
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At 14:51 14/11/2003, chris elliott wrote:

Dimitri wrote:

Curiously the same file has 2 other similar wxLogTrace calls, but those
compile fine. The only difference is that for those 2 the third argument
is "this" and not "GetCapture()". So this works fine:
     _T("After ReleaseMouse() mouse is captured by %p"),
Thanks for spotting this, it seems to change with the DMC release. Some wxLogTrace calls are fine, others fail as you have described. Did you commit a the casts?
I had to add one cast only (Line ~2118, in new revision) and committed that. If you still are (active) on the DM mailing list/newsgroup and think this might be a problem with DM, could you perhaps forward it? To summarize, this call works fine: " // this is a wxWindowBase * wxLogTrace(wxT("a"), wxT("b"), this); " And this errors: " // GetCapture() returns a wxWindow * wxLogTrace(wxT("a"), wxT("b"), GetCapture()); " With the following error: ..\..\src\common\wincmn.cpp(2119) : Error: ambiguous reference to symbol Had: wxLogTrace(char const *,...) and: wxLogTrace(char const *,char const *,...) --- errorlevel 1 Casting the second argument to (const char *) solves the problem, but why error with the second call and not the first? Regards, Dimitri --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe, e-mail: wx-dev-unsubscribe lists.wxwindows.org For additional commands, e-mail: wx-dev-help lists.wxwindows.org
Nov 14 2003