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c++.wxwindows - smake fatal error, when building wx261 dll

reply tiwag <tiwag_member pathlink.com> writes:
when i try to build the wxWidgets-2.6.1 dll library with smake options

smake /NOLOGO /F makefile.dms SHARED=1 UNICODE=0 MONOLITHIC=1 BUILD=debug

i get the following fatal error:
rcc "..\..\src\msw\version.rc dmc_mswddll\pch_wxprec_monodll.sym"
-odmc_mswddll\monodll_version.res  -D_WIN32_WINNT=0x0400 -D__WXMSW__
-D__WXDEBUG__  -I..\..\include -I..\..\lib\dmc_dll\mswd
-DWXDLLNAME=wxmsw26d_dmc_custom -32 -v-

Command line error: unable to open input file '..\..\src\msw\version.rc

SMAKE fatal error: command "rcc" returned with errorcode 1

the problem is, that the two files (both of them are existing)
"..\..\src\msw\version.rc" and  "dmc_mswddll\pch_wxprec_monodll.sym"
are quoted together as argument to rcc

has anyone a solution for this ?

the static lib builds without errors, 
using the smake build options

smake /NOLOGO /F makefile.dms SHARED=0 UNICODE=0 MONOLITHIC=1 BUILD=debug

Jul 21 2005
parent tiwag <tiwag_member pathlink.com> writes:
i could solve it temporarily 
in order to compile wxWidgets 2.6.1 with dmc.

in file "build\msw\makefile.dms" in line 3193 
the macro $** has to be changed to the source file

change from
3193:    rcc $** -o$  (...rest of the line)
3193:    rcc ..\..\src\msw\version.rc -o$  (...rest of the line)

the bakefile scripts should be updated to reflect this
(i can't, i don't know bakefile)

Jul 25 2005