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c++.wxwindows - Controls sample fails when linked using IDDE, OK using makefile.

I have been trying to get the controls sample built using the IDDE (with 
libraries and PCH built with makefile)

1) Build controls.exe with makefile = OK
2) Build with IDDE get this error:
The procedure entry point WSACLeanup could not be located in ... winmm.DLL

3) do 2) then delete .exe, run make to just do link step= OK

So, I think it is the link step that is causing my problem
Now, the link commandlines are totally different:

link /M /NOI /NOPACKF /XN /NT /ENTRY:WinMainCRTStartup /BAS:4194304 /A:512 /RC 
  :controls.RES  controls.LNK

link  /DELEXECUTABLE /NOI /RC -L/exet:nt/su:windows controls.obj , controls.exe,
  controls, ..\..\lib\ wx_sc.lib  png_sc tiff_sc jpeg_sc zlib_sc shell32_sc
32_sc winmm32_sc advapi32 comctl32 comdlg32 ctl3d32 gc  gdi32 kernel32 ole32 ole
aut32 snn user32 uuid

So - how do I get the IDDE to do an identical link to the makefile (or at least 
set it up so the controls sample will run!)

related question - how do I find out what is in the  controls.LNK file
by the IDDE, it gets deleted after the run? (to more accurately compare the two 


Feb 22 2004