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c++.wxwindows - wx 2.4.2 - got some clues

to make a short story , of a long one, made of 9.5 hours of systematic
of different scenarios...

The WxWindows 2.4.2 problems i talk about, in a prevous post,
comes from the dmc headers, and not from the compiler exe or dll or libs.
But i dont know, if the problems lies in only one or in many headers.

After many others test, i made a dmc 8.39 clean install, then add the 8.40
beta files.

scppn display 8.40.1

I did a full rebuild of wx 2.4.2, and none of the samples worked.
I then begun to add, one by one, each of the following compoments
of dmc 8.37 :
   scppn.exe of 8.37,
   and finally the headers of dmc 8.3.7
( that almost all the differences between 8.37 and 8.40)

After each new component, i did rebuild the libs of Wx, and
then try one of the samples.

To my surprise, the sample tested, worked only after i added the
8.37 header files

I then tried all the samples, they almost all worked.

In doing that testing, i gathered some information.

--- 1
If you do a clean install of 8.39, you no longer have rcc.exe and implib.exe
i used the one coming with the dmc-cd.

--- 2
Here are the differences between 8.37 and 8.40

Y:\dmc837\bin\dmc.exe *and* Y:\dmc840\bin\dmc.exe
Y:\dmc837\lib\snn.lib *and* Y:\dmc840\lib\snn.lib
Y:\dmc837\bin\men.exe *and* Y:\dmc840\bin\men.exe - not relevant
Y:\dmc837\bin\sc.exe *and* Y:\dmc840\bin\sc.exe - sc.exe === dmc.exe
Y:\dmc837\bin\scppn.exe *and* Y:\dmc840\bin\scppn.exe
Y:\dmc837\html\compiler.htm *and* Y:\dmc840\html\compiler.htm - not relevant

Y:\dmc837\include\CRTDBG.H *and* Y:\dmc840\include\crtdbg.h
Y:\dmc837\include\MBSTRING.H *and* Y:\dmc840\include\mbstring.h
Y:\dmc837\include\SEARCH.H *and* Y:\dmc840\include\search.h
Y:\dmc837\include\STDDEF.H *and* Y:\dmc840\include\stddef.h
Y:\dmc837\include\TIME.H *and* Y:\dmc840\include\time.h
Y:\dmc837\include\direct.h *and* Y:\dmc840\include\direct.h
Y:\dmc837\include\dos.h *and* Y:\dmc840\include\dos.h
Y:\dmc837\include\errno.h *and* Y:\dmc840\include\errno.h
Y:\dmc837\include\fenv.h *and* Y:\dmc840\include\fenv.h
Y:\dmc837\include\float.h *and* Y:\dmc840\include\float.h
Y:\dmc837\include\limits.h *and* Y:\dmc840\include\limits.h
Y:\dmc837\include\math.h *and* Y:\dmc840\include\math.h
Y:\dmc837\include\stdint.h *and* Y:\dmc840\include\stdint.h
Y:\dmc837\include\stdio.h *and* Y:\dmc840\include\stdio.h
Y:\dmc837\include\stdlib.h *and* Y:\dmc840\include\stdlib.h
Y:\dmc837\include\string.h *and* Y:\dmc840\include\string.h
Y:\dmc837\include\tchar.h *and* Y:\dmc840\include\tchar.h
Y:\dmc837\include\util.h *and* Y:\dmc840\include\util.h
Y:\dmc837\include\wchar.h *and* Y:\dmc840\include\wchar.h
Y:\dmc837\include\wctype.h *and* Y:\dmc840\include\wctype.h

--- 3
dmc compiler: ( both C and CPP runs )
   #defines __DMC__, __SC__, _WIN32

but none of the others defines used in the defines mentionned in a preceding

--- 4
there are 71 samples with wx. Only 55 compiles ok.
i did not looked why, but i have some logs i can use to known which one
builds and which ones do not build and why.

Well, I am done.
Feb 18 2004