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c++.wxwindows - [Fwd: [wx-dev] wxhatch 0.95]

reply chris elliott <biol75 york.ac.uk> writes:
wxhatch -an IDE for wxwindwos - version 0.95 has been released


see http://wxhatch.sourceforge.net/


Changelog for wxHatch 0.95 (works with 2.4 branch only)

0.95This is likely to become 1.0 if further tresting reveals few bugs

     * Interface improvements
           o Add ability to expand autotext
           o Add ability to put comments, wxT("") around selection
           o Add ability to add folders/directories to the Path, so
compilers can be used when their executable is not on the existing search
path for an icon
           o Now able to Copy lines from compiler output window to
           o Now can do make install for statically linked unix libraries
     * Bugs fixed
           o fix bugs with compiling projects from wxHatch launched under
           o fix bugs when reverting to last saved file
           o fix a number of Unicode failures
           o fix bugs with files that changed on disk not being detected
           o improve indenting for case lines
           o fix bugs when dragging menusonto menus with no items
     * Add support for Open Watcom 1.0 Compiler (will work with wxWindows
2.4.1 and CVS)
     * Add support for Digital Mars 8.34 Compiler (will work with wxWindows
2.4.2 and CVS only)
     * Add an experimental configure script for Unix and Unix-like
environments and use it to generate Makefile from Makefile.in

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Sep 24 2003
parent "Walter" <walter digitalmars.com> writes:
Thanks for keeping us uptodate with this!
Sep 24 2003