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c++.stlsoft - xTests 0.9.1 released

xTests is a testing library for C and C++. Specifically, it is a small,
lightweight, portable, simple unit- and component-test
framework suitable for exercising C and C++ libraries. Its primary design
features are:

- Portability. It relies on no platform-specific or compiler-specific
constructs. The only library it relies on is the 100%
header-only, open-source STLSoft library. It works with a large number of C/C++
compilers. Importantly, it is sufficiently simple
and lightweight that it is bundled with several other open-source libraries,
and is an integral part of their automated unit- and
component-testing in their builds.
- Simplicity. It doesn't require pre-processing of your source code by
scripting languages. It doesn't use macros to create secret
classes that use Schwarz counters to register test cases. It relies on you to
simply code what you want, and nothing that you don't

xTests is completely free and includes source released under a BSD-style

Release 0.9.1 incorporates:
 * added xtestsComparisonApproxNotEqual comparison enumerator, and adjusted all
comparison operations accordingly
 * added xtests_testMultibyteStringContains() and
xtests_testWideStringContains(), and all corresponding test macros
 * cleared up some wrong (but benign) code exercised when compiling with
exception-support switched off

Download from:

Discuss at: http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=758473

xTests website: http://xtests.org/

Note: this release of xTests requires STLSoft 1.9.59, or later, available from
Oct 24 2008