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c++.stlsoft - b64 1.3.4 released

b64 is a very small and simple library that provides Base-64 encoding and
decoding, according to RFC-1113, in C and C++.

The b64 core library is a pure standalone component:

  a.. It has zero dependencies on any other libraries.
  b.. It has zero dependencies on any part of the C standard library, except in
debug builds (where it depends on strchr() and
  c.. It has zero dependencies on any host operating system facilities.
  d.. It does not allocate any memory.

It is released under the BSD license, which basically means its free for any
use, but you can't claim it's yours.

Release 1.3.4:
 * fix for GCC 4.x's defective resolution of function template names for
std::string overloads of string access shim
 * fixed printf format-specifier warning in example.2.c

Note: this release of b64 requires STLSoft 1.9.48, or later. Download from

Download from http://synesis.com.au/software/b64.html

Discuss at: http://www.digitalmars.com/webnews/newsgroups.php?search_txt=&group=c%2B%2B.stlsoft

b64 website: http://synesis.com.au/software/b64.html
Aug 24 2008