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c++.stlsoft - Use of auto_buffer in Pantheios to avoid VC++ 8/9 link bug

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There is a strange code-generation bug with VC++ 8 & 9 in DLL =
compilation mode (/MD, /MDd), whereby the linker complains of multiple =
instances of std::allocator<>::allocate() and =
std::allocator<>::deallocate(). This has seemed to manifest with sues of =

The workaround to this is to #include =
<pantheios/util/memory/auto_buffer_selector.hpp> rather than =
<stlsoft/memory/auto_buffer.hpp>, and then derive the required =
specialisation via the generator template.

For example, where you might formerly have done

  #include <stlsoft/memory/auto_buffer.hpp>

  . . .

  stlsoft::auto_buffer<char, 200> buff(10);

you would now do

  #include <pantheios/util/memory/auto_buffer_selector.hpp>

  . . .

  pantheios::auto_buffer_selector<char, 200>::type buff(10);

In using the latter form another allocator type - =
stlsoft::malloc_allocator - will be used, and the multiple symbols =
problem will be avoided.

The next version of STLSoft - 1.9.32 - will also contain an analogous =
workaround, which will then be automatically propagated to all other =
dependent libraries (the bug's also been seen in shwild).


Apr 15 2008