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c++.stlsoft - UNIXem 1.8.3

This release comprises:

 * refactored headers to resolve conflict(s) between unistd.h and 
winsock(2).h withouth using #define to prevent subsequent inclusion of 
 * added empty (placeholder) files: arpa/inet.h, netinet/in.h, sys/socket.h
 * fixed _M_X86 implicit link defect
 * added implicit link support for Borland 5.9+, 6.1+ and Intel C/C++ 9, 10, 
 * changed library name/implicit link directives for VC++ x64/IA64 targets
 * added Synesis-standard make targets: compile.libs.core, compile.libs, 
compile, build.libs.core, build.libs, build
 * various other minor changes

Download from http://synesis.com.au/software/unixem.html
Feb 05 2010