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c++.stlsoft - STLSoft (and Pantheios) SunStudio compatibility on its way ...

After a marathon effort, ably aided by Darren O'Rorke, Jon Wakely and Lars Ivar
Igesund, STLSoft's going to have an initial
SunStudio compatibility as of 1.9.33, which is just undergoing tests on Linux
and Windows to ensure that I've not broken anything
else in the process.

(The current status is that it supports xTests and Pantheios on SunPro C/C++
5.9 on Linux x86, and Lars has verified it on Solaris

Many, many thanks to all the guys involved.

This means that when FastFormat finally hits the streets - days, not weeks ...
- it'll start life with Sun compatibility.


Apr 24 2008