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c++.announce - STLSoft 1.9.1 beta 31 released

Improvements to COM support

Download from http://stlsoft.org/downloads.html#stlsoft_1_9_1b31

Next release will (hopefully) be all about documentation.


Changes for 1.9.1 beta 31 (6th December 2006):


~ comstl/interface/bad_interface_cast.hpp ->

~ comstl/interface/interface_cast.hpp ->

~ comstl/interface/interface_traits.hpp -> comstl/util/interface_traits.hpp

- comstl::interface_ptr is now deprecated, in favour of stlsoft::ref_ptr

+ comstl::co_create_instance() overloads now also take (a reference to) an
  instance of stlsof::ref_ptr<I>

+ comstl::interface_cast<>() function templates that cast between instances
  of the stlsoft::ref_ptr<> "smart pointer" wrappers.

+ stlsoft::ref_ptr now takes a third (defaulted) template parameter, which
  defines the (intermediate) up-cast type when converting from concrete
  type to interface type

+ stlsoft::ref_ptr::set() method, to facilitate modification of an already
  constructed instance. (Previously the user was obliged to assign from a
  temporary instance.)

+ winstl::get_kernel_handle shim

+ winstl::get_synch_handle shim

~ winstl::event's member type handle_type renamed to synch_handle_type

~ winstl::process_mutex's member type handle_type renamed to

~ winstl::semaphore's member type handle_type renamed to synch_handle_type

~ winstl/synch/functions.hpp -> winstl/synch/wait_functions.hpp

~ winstl::WaitForMultipleObjects() function suite renamed
  winstl::wait_for_multiple_objects(), and now implemented in terms of new
  winstl::get_synch_handle shim

Dec 05 2006