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c++.announce - STLSoft 1.9.1 beta 29 released

Minor mods. Download from

No adjustments to scoped_handle yet, Adi, sorry, but that should be in the
next (and hopefully last) beta.

(FYI: Am hoping to release final versions of STLSoft 1.9.1 _and_ Pantheios
1.0.1 before the end of the year.)


Changes for 1.9.1 beta 29 (27th November 2006):


+ atlstl::Window class - a string access shim-aware enhancement to ATLs'
  Window class


~ COMSTL value policies throw exceptions if fail to copy

~ UNIXSTL and WinSTL spin_mutex is made into a template, and takes a policy
  that determines whether it yields on the spin. Use spin_mutex_yield for
  yielding, spin_mutex_no_yield for no yielding. spin_mutex is now a typedef
  for spin_mutex_no_yield. The old behaviour can be obtained by #define-ing
  the symbol STLSOFT_OLD_SPIN_MUTEX_BEHAVIOUR, in which case spin_mutex is
  a typedef for spin_mutex_yield.

~ WinSTL's pid_sequence and process_module_sequence classes have been
  rendered slightly more efficient.

Nov 27 2006