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c++.announce - STLSoft 1.10: Call for feature requests

I am intending to get STLSoft 1.10 out before the end of the year.

Obvious things that are planned are:
- unit-testing files made public
- website
- documentation

I've very much like to hear from users what they'd like to see featured.
(There's already a TODO.txt in the distro, containing a non-exhaustive list
of known feature requests that I intend to add.) I'm keen to hear about
new/enhanced components, and also about changes you'd like to see in the
website / docs / method of communication (i.e. this newsgroup) / form of
releases / frequency of releases / and so on. Whatever you think would help
STLSoft do its job better.

A new component to be added that's not yet on the TODO list is:
 - platformstl::properties_file - a class that can read .properties files.
(This is half-done already, but won't go in until can handle split lines and
all that other weird .properties stuff <g>)

Thanks in advance


Nov 22 2007