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c++.stlsoft - Remaining Roadmap for Pantheios 1.0 final release

Having just got one of the outstanding "big issues" sorted in beta 135 (just
released some moments ago), there's definitely light at
the end of the tunnel.

I just thought it'd help to send an update on the current thinking for the 1.0
final plans, and offer users an opportunity to make
suggestions for changes to the plan.

Things that are in:
* Full Safe String compatibility for Pantheios. Currently
_CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE is defined for vc8, vc8_x64, vc9 and vc9_x64
* Full Win64 compatibility. (Actually, I think beta 135 confers that. If
anything's slipped through, however, I will ensure that
it's done.)
* Full source/compilation compatibility with SunStudio (on Solaris and on Linux)
* Full source/compilation compatibility with GCC on FreeBSD
* Full Visual Studio 98 project & solution files
* Full Visual Studio 2003 project & solution files
* Full Visual Studio 2005 project & solution files
* Full Visual Studio 2008 project & solution files
* New website
* Complete, sensible, informative distribution files (README.txt, CHANGES.txt,
* README.txt and/or readme.html in each top-level directory

Things that are not in:
* SunStudio-specific makefiles
* CRLF removal in the distribution
* FreeBSD-specific makefiles
* Borland Turbo C++ project & solution files
* xCode project & solution files

As soon as I've got the "things that are in" in, we'll hit 1.0 Release
Candidate 1 status, and hopefully go quickly to a final

The things that are left out are victims of time and lack of knowledge (which I
don't have time to correct at the moment). If people
want to volunteer help with these, it's possible that they might go back "in".


May 17 2008