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c++.announce - [Pantheios] Pantheios 1.0.1 beta 4 released

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5th October 2006 - 1.0.1 beta 4


 * Fixed UNIX/GCC compilation/build issues
 * Added bail-out functionality (to handle init failures)
 * be.syslog Back-end functionality expanded



- removed KLOG targets

~ Makefiles that support NOX (NO eXception builds) no longer
  build NOX versions of test programs

~ UNIX makefiles:

  + bec.syslog.WithCallback library variant for altering
    SysLog setting via callback.
  + now specify -lpthread, to link in PThreads
  - spurious Windows-specific library references removed
  ~ fix for missing symbols when compiling with GCC
  - removal of GCC/Mac-OSX flag -Wno-long-double for non-Mac


+ pantheios_onBailOut(), a fallback log function that is used
  by the Core (and Front/Back-end(s)) to report on a failure to
  initialise Pantheios. The output facilities are operating
    * on UNIX the bail-out message is written to syslog() and to
      the console of the calling process (via fprintf()), and to
      a local file "logging-bailout.txt" (appending if already
    * on Windows the bail-out message is written to the debugger
      (via OutputDebugString()), the console (if any) of the
      calling process (via WriteFile()), to a local file
      "logging-bailout.txt" (appending if already exists), and to
      the Windows Event Log (under the source "logging-bailout").

      Note: The Event Log messages will not be correctly formatted
      (although their information will be accessible), unless
      pantheios.COM is installed: The Windows bail-out
      functionality piggy backs on the Event Log message resources
      in pantheios.COM (version 1.0.1 beta 3 or later).

Application Layer:

~ pantheios/util/com/exception_helpers.hpp now correctly defined
  for non-exception compilation


+ be.syslog now supports callbacks, via the pan_be_syslog_init_t
  structure and the pantheios_be_syslog_getAppInit() and
  pantheios_be_syslog_getDefaultAppInit() functions.

+ be.Win32syslog now supports customisation of the facility, via
  the new member 'facility' in the pan_be_Win32syslog_init_t

+ be.lrsplit uses pantheios_onBailOut() if local and/or remote
  Back-end fail to initialise


~ fixed examples/cpp/example_cpp_custom_type_1/example_cpp_custom_type_1.cpp
  for compilation with GCC (whose 2-phase lookup is not up
  to scruff)
Oct 04 2006