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c++.stlsoft - New Library: xContract 0.3.3 released

xContract is a contract enforcement library for C and C++, written in C. Its
notable features are:

* Phase Separation. It supports the separation of the three phases of contract
enforcement: detection, reporting and response. Detection is achieved by simple
boolean condition evaluation. Reporting is achieved via a callback function,
either the stock xContract_violationReport() function, or one supplied by the
user. Response is to terminate the process.
* The Principle of Irrecoverability. If the reporting receiver does not cause
the process to terminate, then the library will always do so.
* The Principle of Removability. Enforcements may be enabled/disabled either at
compile-time or at runtime according to the choices of the programmer
* Portability. It relies on no platform-specific or compiler-specific
constructs. The only library it relies on is the 100% header-only, open-source
STLSoft library. It works with a large number of C/C++ compilers.

xContract is the second of a triumvirate of C/C++ software quality assurance
libraries provided by Synesis Software. The first library, xTests, is an
automated testing library. The third, as yet unreleased, library, xCover, is an
automated code coverage library.

Visit the xContract website at http://xcontract.org/
Sep 28 2008