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c++.announce - New Libraries coming ...

Commercial and publishing reasons are forcing me to do what I should have done
a *long* time ago, and release several pending
libraries in the coming days:

* xContract - a contract programming enforcement library; initially for C/C++
* xCover - a code coverage library for C and C++
* FastFormat - already available as an alpha, this will hit the
non-alpha/non-beta status in the coming days; as the name implies,
it's faster than all the competition put together ;-)
* Pantheios - in beta (and very popular:
http://sourceforge.net/project/stats/?group_id=141831&ugn=pantheios) for two
years, the
world's fastest and most robust logging API library has waited long enough for
a final 1.0 release.

Also, STLSoft is going to be moving to SourceForge in the next week or so, and
it too will receive a face lift and an update to
docs, tests, and so on.

If anyone wants to volunteer any help for any of these activities, you'd be
extraordinarily welcome.


Sep 26 2008