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c++.stlsoft - re: STLsoft and STLport


   I appreciate your rapid response and the STLsoft newsgroup link.
Pleasure. You'll be most welcome on the STLSoft newsgroup. (As I said before, I monitor that one a lot more frequently than this.)
   I'm actually using VC++ 7.0 with the latest STLport (4.5.3). I
 indeed need STLport to work with 7.0 and not other STL libraries.
 Similarly, I was unfortunate in trying to compile STLport with 7.1. I
 believe we might have to wait on that one.
Yes, it seems that the problem there is in the STLport libs, and nothing to do with STLSoft. Hopefully there will be enough demand from VC7.1 users for STLport to release a compatible version.
   After downloading your patch and trying out the test program I had
 written, it seems to work flawlessly!
Good news!
 I was originally trying to get
 the winstl_reg_key family of classes to compile when I got the error
 mentioned (I noticed you patched them as well). I haven't compiled and
 tested your examples yet, which I believe could be my next steps on
 the following days.
Let me know if you've any further issues.
   Thanks again for your response and your hard works.
You're most welcome. Thanks for showing an interest in the libraries. I don't know if this is relevant to your work, but I'll be releasing a lot of COM/STL stuff in the next significant release, and am taking specific requests in that regard. Cheers Matthew
Aug 06 2003