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c++.stlsoft - Some more blither from yours truly ...


There's now _even_more_ written blather from me. For those interested in
efficient integer-to-string conversions, check out
http://www.cuj.com/documents/s=8840/cujexp0309wilson/, which is the first
installment in my new C/C++ User's Journal Expert's Forum.

As the article mentions, the new improved WinSTL conversion libs are not yet
available, and will be out with version 1.7.1 (which is due for mid/late
August). However, the code is in the archive, but alas the archive does not
seem to be available yete. I'll check with the CUJ webmaster and see about
getting that fixed.

In any case, the article's more about discussing the pros and cons of TSS
than it is about just the WinSTL conversion stuff.

I would, of course, be interested in any feedback, good or bad. :)

Jul 30 2003