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c++.announce - STLSoft 1.6.3 - and it's even got samples

reply "Matthew Wilson" <matthew stlsoft.org> writes:
A belated announcement: the STLSoft libraries (version 1.6.3) are now
bundled with the Digital Mars compiler (version 8.34)

Points of interest:

1. Where can I get it?

It comes already bundled with the compiler on the CD. For those of you who
are download-only, the download is available at

You can also get up-to-the minute versions from http://stlsoft.org/, though
I'm embarassed to admin that version 1.6.3 is not yet available for download
from the main site. (It will be in a few days)

2. How do I install/build it?

You don't. Well, you don't build it, anyway; it's 100% header-only, and it's
staying that way.

To install, just include the dm\stlsoft directory in your project/makefiles,
or add a relative entry to SC.INI. See http://www.digitalmars.com/~stlsoft
for details. Then include whatever files you need

3. Why would I want to use it?

It attempts to *efficiently* wrap the whole world in STL-compliant
sequences, algorithms, functions, etc. So What? you say.

Well to add all the elements in the PATH environment variable into a LISTBOX
control you can do:

    stlsoft::string_tokeniser<std::string, char>
tokens(winstl::environment_variable<char>("PATH"), ';');

    std::for_each(tokens.begin(), tokens.end(),

How's that for declarative programming?

4. Are there samples?

As of version 1.6.3, "there sure are"!!


Actually, there are only three bona-fide samples, and they are each
command-line apps. (I recommend the WHERIS sample, which is a meaty one,
enhancing this well-known utility, and demonstrating lots of STLSoft
components in their full majesty ... ;)

Although there are only three at the moment, there are lots of sample
material in the copious test programs, including windows programs.

For version 1.7.1 (due sometime late July) there'll be several more meaty

5. Is there help?

dm\stlsoft\help\stlsoft.chm - searchable MSDN-style help file
http://www.digitalmars.com/~stlsoft/help/index.html - frames/tree view (with
a big script, so ignore IE's warning)
http://www.digitalmars.com/~stlsoft/help/main.html - plain view
admin stlsoft.org (that'll be me!)

There are also a number of relevant articles already published, or about to
be so, in C/C++ User's Journal and Windows Developer Network. See

6. Is there a newsgroup?

news://news.digitalmars.com/c++.stlsoft - Thanks Walter and Jan

7. Is there a FAQ?

http://stlsoft.gregpeet.com/ - Thanks Greg


Matthew Wilson

STLSoft moderator and C++ monomaniac

mailto:matthew stlsoft.org

"So far, C++ is the best language I've discovered to say what I want to
say" -- Alex Stepanov

Jun 04 2003
parent "Greg Peet" <admin gregpeet.com> writes:
Trust me when I say that it's a very nice library of miscellaneous helpful
facilities. His int_to_string function drew my attention enough to look into
it. Once  I did, I decided I wanted to help aid him (so far the faq I host
http://stlsoft.gregpeet.com). Try it out.


Gregory Peet

Fellow Digital Martian
STLSoft FAQ: http://stlsoft.gregpeet.com
Jun 06 2003