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c++.stlsoft - Documentation

Whilst we await Greg's creation of the FAQ, and his journalistic probing
into the minutiae of the dark corners of STLSoft, there are some articles
I've published that are available online that discuss some of the design
issues and motivations, as well as illustrating the mechanisms of some of
the older components:

XML Parser Usability and Performance -
http://www.windevnet.com/documents/win0304a/ - discusses veneers used by
MFCSTL, string classes of STLSoft
Win32 Performance Measurement Options -
http://www.windevnet.com/wdn/issues/2003/0305/pdf/wdn200305.zip (careful,
it's the whole May issue, and is 5MB) - WinSTL's performance counter classes
Adapting Windows Enumeration Models to STL Iterator Concepts -
http://www.windevnet.com/documents/win0303a/ - WinSTL's findfile_sequence,
reg_key_sequence and reg_value_sequence classes, along with a _long_
discussion about how to implement STL-compliant sequence types

Hope they help

Apr 12 2003