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c++.stlsoft - Happy Christmas STLSofties

Just wanted to wish you all well, and thank you for the interest and support
so far. It's been very pleasing how many of you are using the libraries, and
finding them of benefit.

There are many new things in the pipeline, including enhancements to
existing sub-projects (especially COMSTL and UNIXSTL), and there should be
one or two new sub-projects sometime in the first half of next year. I also
want assure you that the long promised 1.7.1 will be coming early in the new
year. (I have to prepare 1.7.1 for the book CD, and that has to be completed
before early March, so it'll definitely be available by then.)

Merry Christmas, and a great 2004 to all!

Matthew Wilson

STLSoft moderator  (http://www.stlsoft.org)
Contributing editor, C/C++ Users Journal

"But if less is more, think how much more more will be!" -- Dr Frazier Crane

Dec 19 2003