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c++.stl.port - Adding/customizing new std::char_traits

I've got a bit of a problem adding an additional std::char_traits to
STLport. I happen to need an unsigned char-based char_traits, i.e.,
std::char_traits<unsigned char>. I'm using the unsigned char_traits
to read/write network streams -- it's a funky iostream class I've
written that deals with fixed length frames as well as length fixups
(when the length of an element is unknown and precedes the actual
data but you want to write directly into the buffer and fix up the
length field later.)

I've found that the std::char_traits<char> is derived from another base
class, _char_traits_base<char, int>. This is a little odd and not as clean
as gcc's libstdc++, but it's not too bad. I can work around this with
conditional compilation.

Apparently, to make std::char_traits<> work, I also need
std::ctype<unsigned char> and std::numpunct<unsigned char>, which are
locale facets. The problem I'm facing is how properly add or register
these facets with the global "C" locale.

Anyone have a clue to pass on? The STLport lists aren't particularly

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Apr 08 2004