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c++.stl.port - Compile errors with -A and STLPORT

D:\c++book>dmc -cpp -o+all -A forloop.cpp
#   define __DFL_TMPL_PARAM( classname, defval ) class classname = defval
D:\C_STUFF\digitalmars\dm\stlport\stlport\stl/_config.h(370) : Preprocessor erro
r: '_STLP_DEFAULT_TYPE_PARAM' is already defined
using _STLP_VENDOR_CSTD::fgetws;
D:\C_STUFF\digitalmars\dm\stlport\stlport\cwchar(200) : Error: undefined identif
ier 'fgetws'
using _STLP_VENDOR_CSTD::fputws;
D:\C_STUFF\digitalmars\dm\stlport\stlport\cwchar(202) : Error: undefined identif
ier 'fputws'
using _STLP_VENDOR_CSTD::getwchar;
D:\C_STUFF\digitalmars\dm\stlport\stlport\cwchar(212) : Error: undefined identif
ier 'getwchar'
using _STLP_VENDOR_CSTD::getwc;
D:\C_STUFF\digitalmars\dm\stlport\stlport\cwchar(216) : Error: undefined identif
ier 'getwc'
Fatal error: too many errors
Without the -A I get no errors and the c++ file compiles and links cleanly.

1. What do these errors signify?
2. Do I need to compile stlport as per stlports own documentation?
3. Do I need to apply the diff.txt file that comes with the 4.5.3 digital mars
4. Do I need to compile iostreams?
5. Does the CD version come with STLport pre-compiled and ready to go?
6. If I don't use "-A" compile option is digital mars using STLport?

Any information you can give me to resolve these issues would be appreciated.
Maybe this could help others as well.
Jan 15 2004