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c++.stl.port - Linking stlp45dm_debug.lib (readable version)

I tried to compile up the "smoke screen" hello.cpp, linked the object file 
with \dm\lib\stlp45dm_debug.lib, produced hello.exe. Compiling isn't the 

When I run hello.exe, I get an access violation. The actual address is 
irrelevant, but the stack trace is:

1. std::_M_init(basic_ostream<_CharT, _Traits)& __str) [_ostream.c, line 38]
2. std::_basic_ostream<>::sentry [stl_ostream.h, line 164]
3. std::operator<<(basic_ostream<_CharT, _Traits)& __os, const char *__s) 
[stl_ostream.h, line 300)
4. main

Any clue or help? If I don't explicitly link with stlp45dm_debug.lib, the 
error goes away, presumably because it's linking with a static version of 
the library.

Jan 13 2004