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c++.mfc - Compile MFC - internal error


today I've downloaded DM ?ompiler and I'm trying to compile MFC CVS 4.21. I
use smake -f nafxcw.mak and I get the following error:.

SC -cpp -Ae -Ar -mn -o+time -NL -5 -a8 -Nc -c -H -HDNW -HO- -wx -w- -w3 -w6 
-w7 -w11 -w12 -w17 -D_X86_ -D_MT -D_MBCS=1 -I..\..\..\include -oNW\olemon.ob
j ..\olemon.cpp
Internal error: cgobj 3034
--- errorlevel 1
SMAKE fatal error: command "SC" returned with error code 1

Where is the problem?
Please help,
Mar 10 2002