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c++.mfc - Problems porting from MS VC6 to DMC (in Eclipse)

Not sure best place to post this.  I am trying out a DMC plugin for Eclipse and
trying to port MS VC6 code in the process.  I have encountered the following 3
problems (so far).  I would appreciate any insight anyone can offer...

This seems new. It used to crop up if you did not use the -Aa option to allow
overloading new[] and delete[].  Now when I compile in Debug (but not Release) I
get the following error:
Error: no match for function '?_P(unsigned ,char *,int )'

This seems related to the section of code at the top of each source file that

#ifdef _DEBUG
#define new DEBUG_NEW
#undef THIS_FILE
static char THIS_FILE[] = __FILE__;

This code is OK in VC++ v6.0: 
CString sTemp;
sTemp = "Hi Walter";
TRACE("The message is " + sTemp + "\n");

but in DMC, with Exception Handling enabled, the compiler dies with this
Internal error: eh 759

This code works fine in DMC:
CString sTemp;
sTemp = "Hi Walter";
TRACE("The message is %s\n",sTemp);

I know that the include paths are correct so this one was quite unexpected.  I
could not compile oleauto.h until I added this define above it.

#define EXTERN_C extern

Andy C
Feb 22 2006