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c++.mfc - MFC Scintilla

reply "Charles Sanders" <sanders-consulting comcast.net> writes:
Hey All, having some trouble with MFC and Scintilla.

Im using the scintilla MFC wrappers found here :
http://www.atari-soldiers.com/mfc_scintilla.zip , and Im having trouble
getting the caret to show up ready for typing when I create new files, and
also when DIDE loses focus, then regains it.  You have to click on the view
to be able to edit.

I have tried scintillas methods of :

SetCurrentPos( )
SetSelectionStart( )

And also MFC's


I have tried these in an overrided CView::OnActivateView( ... ) function , a
DisplayErrorFunction, OnInitalUpdate(), OnUpdate() etc... without any luck.

Here is a test program Im using
http://www.atari-soldiers.com/ScintillaTest.zip so you can see it in action.

Im stuck on this , dont know what else to try :/.  Thanks for any help!

Oct 22 2003
parent Włodzimierz Skiba <Włodzimierz_member pathlink.com> writes:
In article <bn77jn$1oo2$1 digitaldaemon.com>, Charles Sanders says...
 Hey All, having some trouble with MFC and Scintilla.
I do not know if it could be helpful but there is (based on Scintilla) STC component in wxWindows. wxWindows is compilable with Digital Mars compiler and AFAIK can be mixed with MFC applications. Ask in wxWindows related group on this news server for details. See also http://www.wxwindows.org/manuals/2.4.1/wx21.htm#utilities ABX
Oct 23 2003