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c++.mfc - Can't compile CD example in Debug mode

I am still having a problem with CArray, but I am not sure if it is me or DM!  I
am a Symantec veteran and I don't remember these problems in the past.

I tried to compile and run a sample from the CD (ver 8.34.12) found in
"\samples\MFC32\tutorial\scribble\step1".  The project compiles just fine in
release mode, But when I compile in Debug mode I get the error message:

Error: D:\PROGRAM FILES\DM\BIN\..\mfc\include\32-bit\afxtempl.h(305): no match
for function '?_P(unsigned ,char *,int )'

Can this be correct that a sample program on the CD is not compiling in Debug
mode?  Any help or explanation is greatly appreciated! 

Andy C
Aug 01 2003