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c++.mfc - Dialog box and CProgressCtrl

reply Richard Grant <fractal clark.net> writes:
Hi all,

I am having trouble using the CProgressCtrl resource in an App Wizard created
Dialog application. I am able to use Class Express to create Data Transfer for
other controls.. say CEdit for example. The compile error I am getting is:
"Error: ';' expected following declaration of struct member." The error
immediatly follows the declaration in the protected area of the CMainDialog
class. The offending line is "CProgressCtrl m_Progress;". This usually means the
type indicated is undefined. Is there something I need to do to gain access to
the CProgressCtrl MFC class? I notice this control was *not* defined in MFC 2.5,
so perhaps I need to *enable* DM to use 4.0?

Any advice on this appreciated,

Feb 14 2003
parent Richard Grant <fractal clark.net> writes:
Oops.. forgot #include <afxcmn.h>

Feb 14 2003