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c++.idde - IDDE fails to link correctly, win7 64-bit (dmc 8.52)

reply "Carl Sturtivant" <sturtivant gmail.com> writes:
I put the hello.c 'hello world' program in c:\hello\ and opened 
the IDDE by clicking on a shortcut. I created a new project 
called hi.prj for a windows NT console application in c:\hello\ 
going otherwise with the IDDE defaults, and added hello.c to that 
project. Compilation went fine. Then I clicked build. Here is the 
outcome in the output window. (I deleted my path from this after 
Path= .)

link /CO /NOI /DE /NOPACKF /XN /NT /ENTRY:mainCRTStartup 
/BAS:4194304 /A:512  hi.LNK
Error: Filename Expected
Errors: 1  Warnings: 0
Build failed

If I take a look in c:\hello\ there are the following files.

hello.c  hello.obj  hi.BPT  hi.BRO  hi.DEF  hi.DPD  hi.MAK  
hi.OPN  hi.prj

Notice that hello.LNK isn't there; I don't know if that's 
I don't NEED the IDDE, but if there are any suggestions I'd be 
Sep 27 2012
parent reply "Carl Sturtivant" <sturtivant gmail.com> writes:
Solved my own problem. This information may help others, as the 
cause could be very common.

In the Module Definition file hi.DEF produced by the IDDE is a 
line specifying the stub file placed at the front of the 


Commenting this line out with a semicolon eliminated the linking 
problem, so then I went to look for the real cause.

Optlink wasn't finding WINSTUB.EXE on my PATH despite it being 
there. Windows7 allows a very long PATH and perhaps c:\dm\bin\ 
was too far down that PATH for Optlink to find it, because 
Optlink being pretty old assumed that paths are less than 512 
bytes long or something analogous to that. Certainly I have a 
very long path, and c:\dm\bin\ was behind a lot of stuff.

I moved c:\dm\bin to the front of my system PATH and everything 
started working.
Sep 27 2012
parent "Carl Sturtivant" <sturtivant gmail.com> writes:
On Thursday, 27 September 2012 at 20:19:46 UTC, Carl Sturtivant 
 I moved c:\dm\bin to the front of my system PATH and everything 
 started working.
I spoke too soon! If & when I get the IDDE working smoothly I will post my conclusions here.
Sep 27 2012