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c++.idde - IDDE Debugger Problem


instead long explanations please look at this screenshot:


I'm trying to start up Photoshop because I want to debug a selfwritten 
Photoshop plugin.

The Problem is, that the debugger cannot step over multiple int 3 
instructions (as shown in the image).

I hit F5, but nothing happens.

If I jump over the int3 sequence (and I must do this very often) then 
Photoshop finally starts up.

However, I still cannot work because very soon the debugger again hangs 
at some int3 instructions.
If I use another plugin-host than Photoshop, the problem is the same.

Another Problem is, that the debugger doesnt always clear old contents 
in the "Assembly" window it writes new text over old text and the result 
is unreadable. I must resize the window to resolve the situation. A 
"Redraw" button or -keystroke could help here.
So far I remember, I had this problem also, when I used Symantec C and 
Windows 95 some years ago ;-) It is a little bit annoying

Are there some chances, that these Problems will be adressed and fixed?


Aug 16 2006