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c++.idde - DMC++ under wine in linux

This may fall into the "who cares anyway?" category, but FWIW, the DMC++
IDE runs perfectly well under Wine 0.98 in Linux. While I have not
exercised all features, it loads and runs perfectly without the need for
native dlls.

wine c:\\dm\\bin\\scw32.exe or
wine ~/.../c/dm/bin/scw32.exe

works. Sometimes after an "execution" the top title bar drops a little and
the top menu slips under the tab sheets, but it can be dragged up easily.

Users may want to tweak the WINEDLLOVERRIDES= option to use the
native comdlg32 or shell32 dll files. I don't seem to need them at this

In order to allow apps that load DLLs to run, it will be necessary to edit
the ~/.wine/user.reg file so that PATH includes c:\dm\bin and LIB contains
c:\dm\lib. Similar to the following. (remember to use \\ when mimicking
dos paths.

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Feb 27 2006