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c++.idde - over 1 meg exe code from 382,492 bytes ?

Hi. I am a noob to the IDDE. I am use to using dmc.exe or sc via programmers
notepad ver. 2. I have the following setting in programmers notepad:
-IC:\dmcpp\dm\stlport\stlport;C:\dmcpp\dm\include -6 -o-all

When using the IDDE for digital mars c++ my exe file is huge, is this due to
debugging settings? How to change this?

Also I am trying to find the equivelant to -o+all ( Well even using -o-all,
which is no optimization I get small code too), when I select all of the
optimizations, I see a whole bunch of stuff being passed to the compiler...

Another thing.. :) is there anyway to maximize the IDDE instead of being
able to see my whole desktop during a project? If I maximize just one
window, all the others dissapear on me.

Also does anyone know which update I should get on the digital mars homepage
for the CD version? When I run dmc.exe on the command line it says...
Digital Mars Compiler Version 8.42n

Thanks :)

Ill go read more of the documentation in the meantime.
Jan 07 2006