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c++.idde - Different kind of symbols in external debugger

reply "Heinz-Peter Nüttgens" <hnuettgens t-online.de> writes:

when I debug my application with MS VisualC 5 or 6, there are two different
ways, how the debugger show the internal symbols i.e. variable names.
The normal way is that the variable "testvariable" is shown with its name
"testvariable". But with the latest version of  DMC there are parts of the
project, which includes several hundred of files, there are some files, in
which the symbols are displayed in another way:
"function name::testvariable". This is quite puzzling. I thing this
behaviour occurs with files compiled recently. Other display the symbols in
old way. It isn't only the other way of displaying symbols. The debugger
(MSC) isn't able to change the values of variables and when moving the
mouse over a symbol name in the source code window the value isn't displayed

I suppose this behaviour depends on compiler or linker switches, but I don't
know which it is.

Perhaps someone knows about it and may help.

If neede I would supply further information.


Feb 18 2004
parent "Heinz-Peter Nüttgens" <hnuettgens t-online.de> writes:

the same problem occurs with the DM Debugger, where also all
symbols are displayed in the way: funcname::symbol. But here
I am able to modify the values, as it were before.

But nevertheless I am interested how to switch this behaviour off.


Feb 26 2004