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c++.idde - "Compile-only" subprojects

I'm sure this was discussed a little while ago, but here goes again, since I
can't find the thread in the news group's archives:

Is there any way to make an IDDE subproject "compile only" and prevent the
linker from doing any work? Is there an available option file I could
import into a project to make this happen?

My basic problem is that I happen to have a number of subdirectories in
which the IDDE will choke on the "duplicate" file names, e.g.,
"pathlatency/routeproto.cxx" and "pseudorproto/routeproto.cxx".

I can go off and hack my own make files, but I was starting to have fun with
the IDDE (*).


(*) Once upon a time, 10 years ago, I used to use the Symantec IDDE and C++
compiler. Wish I could remember which version, though. So DMC is a
comfortable environment to work in.
Jan 15 2004