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reply PB geek <PB_member pathlink.com> writes:
I've been using Zortech,Syman... for years as command line compiler (mainly for
the excellent diagnostics on translated code).  Now I want to do some
developent, and I have some problems:
The CD should include a "wininstall" program to build the linkages to START

Your font is way too small for an ex-IBM7090 programmer/dynosaur with a
19"(1600x1200) screen, can we be allowed to change the FONT SIZE?
Many of the color choices(character/background) are difficult to read, can we be
allowed to change them too?
It would be nice to have an "edited, not saved" indicator in the top margin of
each window, perhaps a RED floppy icon.
Your source editor doesnt support my Micro$loth wheel mouse;-(
An option to show line numbers down the left side of a window would be nice.
Would be nice if RtKlik on a symbol would setup search for it elsewhere
CTRL/F should be find <anything> not just Function names
ALT/F3 is difficult to keystroke, BIG + should search fwd, BIG - back
Pls install POP-up search window in each window header, so I could just Klik It
What would be really nice is a prototype for each known editor standard
keystrokes, Im used to PCwrite, others used to emacs, Vi or wordstar!?
seems to be difficult to control compile command  would like to re-compile all

compiler gripes:
seems this diag was better w/Zortech used to say what it WAS,
and now IS not just "something else"
Error: 'hdr__len' previously declared as something else

would be nice to put the prev defn Line #
in diag about Previously declared as


"need explicit cast to convert" should have cursor on symbol or "expr"

line ending  xy,");
caused diags for all lines until a matching " was found
should have diagnosed NON TERMINATED "string"
or string missing terminating '"'
or end of line within string

Bob Sheff;  PB geek at att dot net
Independent Consultant:
 Software(Pascal,PL/M,CHILL,..assy) Conversion to C/C++
Jan 13 2004
parent "Walter" <walter digitalmars.com> writes:
Lots of good comments. I'll add them to the IDDE bug list. -Walter
Jan 13 2004