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c++.idde - Custom build steps problem


I have been playing around with including batch files in projects to
customize build steps. I have created a utility that increments the build
number of my version resource and have included a bat file calling it in my
project, to have the build number increase automatically upon building.
There is one problem, however. The bat file seems to get called regardless
of whether there are modules for rebuilding, or the project is up-to-date,
thus my resource script is updated and the target is rebuilt with the new
version information even when the project is up to date.
I would expect that if the bat file is placed in the "Build Order" dialog
after the Compile step, for example, then it should not be invoked if no
compiling took place, but this does not seem to be the case.
Is there a way to only invoke a build step if the rest of the project is not
already up to date?


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Sep 13 2003