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c++.dos.16-bits - HELP!!! Zortech V2.1 disks lost

reply "jum" <juergen_3333 gmx.de> writes:
Dear folks,
may be you can help:
We lost our original diskettes of our Zortech C++ compiler V2.1.
Documentation and the upgrade vouchers are in their place in the original
hard box but the disks are unfindable.
We have to work again on an very old project, so we have to install V2.1
again, but we cannot, because the disks are lost.
As I remember, there were four 5.25 disks: Compiler, Tools, Library Source
and Debugger.
I dont know who is the owner of Zortech resp. the rights on it, but I am
sure you will find a way to help.
Our serial no. is: 0-01-13-204436.
Best Regards
Juergen Marquardt
Jan 07 2002
parent "jum" <juergen_3333 gmx.de> writes:
Great thanks to Walter Bright, the problem is solved!
Jan 07 2002