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c++.command-line - Where is my letter?

reply Denis Troshin <weiv mail.ru> writes:

unsigned char mystr[]="Очередь"; //this is word in Russian
MessageBox(0, mystr, "Caption", MB_OK);

DMC 8.40 skips the second character in my word when compiling.

After it MessageBox shows my word without second character.

The code of this character is 0xF7.
If I replace second character with its hex-code, everything works fine.

In version 8.38 there was no such error.
Jun 03 2004
parent "KTC" <me here.com> writes:
Why can't you do:

#define UNICODE
// ....
static TCHAR mystr[] = TEXT("Очередь");    //this is word in Russian
// ....
MessageBox(0, mystr, TEXT("Caption"), MB_OK);

Jun 03 2004