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c++.chat - DM cross-distro Linux compiler

I was thinking about the idea of Walter porting DM C/C++ to Linux, it would
not sell well at all as the vast majority of Linux devs only use open source
tools. However I think it would be possible to make a C/C++ compiler/IDE that
would create standalone binary packages that you just paste on the HD and run
like on Macs. That could attract a lot of commercial software companies to
port to Linux. Gobo Linux is a good example of how this is done, you just put
all the dependencies and configuration files in one self-contained folder. So
you just totally ignore package managers and system dependencies and give the
user a binary that is just click-and-run.

I think this would sell well, considering that gcc doesnt have any major
competition except clang and maybe ICC.
Aug 01 2011