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c++.chat - Compatibility with Watcom?


I tried debugging a DMC-generated DLL (C++) with OpenWatcom's WDW 
Debugger. (Windowed Debugger)
That looked very promising, it could show almost everything.

Only the types of Variables could not be displayed.
Is there some possibility to do something about it?

Another observation:

I have seen that watcom's ide is a multi-language ide and it can be 
configured for other languages. This is done via configuration files, 
there is no recompilation needed. (However you must dig into the source 
to find the documentation about this)

Wouldnt it be a nice idea to integrate D into the watcom suite of tools?
Ok, thats just a silly idea, dont know if licensing issues or other 
issues are hindering this..

Aug 13 2006