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c++.chat - geography book in USA

reply Carlos Santander B. <Carlos_member pathlink.com> writes:
I need to double check something, so I need help from someone in the US.
Does someone has access to the Geography book used in 6th grade of junior high
schools there, written by David Norman? Particularly, I would like to know about
page 76, where it refers to South America.
I would really appreciate any help in that matter.

Carlos Santander B.
Jun 14 2004
parent reply Nanci Trotta <nancitrotta hotmail.com> writes:
Carlos, I'm very curious about this book, too.(I'm brazilian)
Had you already discovered if it realy exists?
If you have any information, send me a message, please.

Dec 03 2006
parent %u <dinogui1 hotmail.com> writes:
See this page
Sep 10 2007