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c++.beta - [bug] DMC 8.50.1 crash and/or ICE

reply Les Baker <les_baker REMOVETHISbellsouth.net> writes:
I tried to reduce this down as much as possible -- produces a
crash ("We're sorry for the inconvienience..." etc).  Commenting
out the constructor and destructor will produce an "cpp 5484" ICE
instead of a crash.  These bugs also happen in the 8.49 version.

Thanks for looking at this -- Les Baker

--- begin code ---
template <typename T>
class A {
        template <typename T> class A_inner;

        // Comment out the two lines below to produce ICE
        A() {}
        ~A() {}

        void method(const T);

template <typename T>
class A<T>::A_inner

template A<int>::method(const T);
--- end code ---
Nov 19 2006
parent Walter Bright <newshound digitalmars.com> writes:
Thanks for reporting this.
Nov 19 2006