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c++.beta - Re: Testing wxWidgets pre-release snapshot

Sorry to bother you Walter, but is there any progress on a fuller set of 
headers for the next DMC release ?


Hakki Dogusan wrote:

 Vadim Zeitlin wrote:
 On Mon, 20 Oct 2008 12:51:21 +0300 Hakki Dogusan 
<dogusanh dynaset.org> wrote:
 HD> There is no file named shldisp.h in dm.

  AFAICS all the rest is due to missing Platform SDK 
files/definitions. You
 can either make a patch adding everything needed to the __DMC__ 
section of
 include/wx/msw/missing.h or contribute the missing definitions to DMC
 itself (preferred). We definitely don't want to work around each of them
 individually in the wx sources, sorry.

I understand. But, losting a free/good compiler option due to old
PSDK makes me sorry..
 May I cite your message in dm's c++.wxwindows newsgroup?

 Hakki Dogusan

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