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c++.beta - function template returning template object

Not sure about the diagnostic of this, could be the return object construction,
or the specification of the function return type (I'm betting on the latter):

class Type { };

struct Holder {
template <class T1> struct B {
typedef int type1;
typedef int type2;

template <class T1, class T2> struct A { };

template <class T>
A<typename T:: B<Type>::type1,
typename T:: B<Type>::type2> fn() { return A<int,int>(); }
// Error: 2 actual arguments expected for A, had 1
// Internal error: template 1656

int main() {

I fixed up the FC++ lib for DM intending to give result to Christof, but a
section of the lib with this form fails and I can't think of a useful

Mar 05 2003