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c++.stlsoft - STLSoft 1.7.1 beta 1 is available

I'm sort of pleased to announce the availability of the first beta of
version 1.7.1 of STLSoft.

Only sort of, because it's been far too long since the last update, and I'm
feeling a little guilty
in being slack in supporting my faithful users. Alas, writing commitments -
who'd have thought
writing a book was so hard!? :) - mean that v1.7.1 is unlikely to hit the
streets before February

As a consequence, I wanted to make available the many fixes, enhancements
and additions that have
been made since the release of 1.6.5. Many of these are needed to support
other projects, and
article-related research (such as the instalments of my online column for
"Flexible C++" C/C++
User's Journal Experts Forum).

One particularly pressing need has been to make available several features
that the recls project
(http://recls.org/) needs. recls is a platform-independent recursive search
C/C++ library, that is
being used as the exemplar for my CUJ "Positive Integration" column, and
mapped to C++, C#, COM, D,
Java, Managed C++, Perl, Python, Ruby and STL. Incidentally, recls has also
been accepted into the D
standard library, and will be part of the D distribution from version 0.77
(due out next week)
onwards! :)

Given that this release is a beta, I'm advising caution, and it would be
best to install to a
separate directory, and use an environment variable (I use STLSOFT_INCLUDE)
to select the
appropriate directory. I'm not promising to do any support on this, since
I'm now working 12+hrs a
day on the book; woe is me. Having said that, if you post things onto the
newsgroup, I'll be very
unlikely to resist giving an answer.

As usual, your feedback - good or bad - is most welcome.


Matthew Wilson

Director, Synesis Software (www.synesis.com.au)
STLSoft moderator (www.stlsoft.org)
Contributing editor, C/C++ Users Journal

mailto:admin stlsoft.org
mailto:stlsoft hotmail.com

"If I'm curt with you it's because time is a factor. I think fast, I talk
fast, and I need you guys
to act fast" -- Mr Wolf

Nov 24 2003