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c++.beta - template argument deduction

#include <stdio.h>

template <class T> void f(void(T::*)(void))
// Error: 'T' must be a class name preceding '::'

template <class T> void f(...)

struct A
{ };

int main()

  return 0;

See 14.8.2 Template argument deduction [temp.deduct], paragraph 2: "... If a
substitution in a template parameter or in the function type of the function
template results in an invalid type, type deduction fails. ..." and 14.8.3
Overload resolution [temp.over]: "... If, for a given function template,
argument deduction fails, no such function is added to the set of candidate
functions for that template. ..."

Extracted from Boost's type_traits library.

bye, Christof

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Jun 15 2003