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D.gnu - Too many open files

Hello all,

I have some code which needs to read in data from a large number of files in a 

The basic data input code goes something like this:

     foreach(DirEntry e; dirEntries(...))
         auto f = file(e.name, "r");
         // we input data from f.

This runs fine with ldc and dmd.  However, if I compile with gdc (4.6.3) I get 
the following error while running the program:

std.exception.ErrnoException ../../../src/libphobos/std/stdio.d(330): Cannot 
open file in mode `r' (Too many open files)

This is trivial to work around by putting an explicit f.close() at the end of 
the loop, but it looks like a bug to me as f should in any case automatically
closed at the end of the scope -- no?

I don't see a bug report on BitBucket about this, but thought I'd check here 
first in case this is something that has already been fixed in the latest

Thanks & best wishes,

     -- Joe
Oct 25 2012